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Membrane Switches

We can integrate rubber keypads, metal sub-panels and housings for the most challenging panel assembly applications in the most demanding environments including medical, electronic, military/DoD, and industrial markets

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At JN White™, we have developed a deep expertise in membrane switches – an expertise that our customers have come to rely on when they are trying to design and implement specific user interface objectives. Integrating features like those noted below, we design and develop for the most challenging panel assembly applications in the most demanding environments, including medical, electronic, military/DoD, and industrial markets.

Because there are so many parameters to consider in the design of membrane switches (including the graphics, overlays, adhesives, and use cases), we often work with customer engineering teams early in the development process to ensure feasibility and optimal outcomes.

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Product Highlights

Silver Conductive Ink and Copper Flex Circuits

We can implement circuity as simple as conductive silver screen-printed onto heat-stabilized polyester, or as durable and flexible as copper flex etched over polyimide. The key will be the design objectives and application details of your specific product.

In-house Embossing

We have capabilities in-house to create a variety of embossed features to enhance the look and feel of a graphic overlay, including pillow, rim, and dome embossing. Depending on shape and size, we can also emboss logos and multi-level shapes.

LED Backlighting

The right backlighting can help deliver a superior user experience. We have a variety of available options, allowing users to precisely manage light quality, color, intensity, and coverage. These include side-firing LEDs, fiber optics, and Light Guide Layer (LGL) panels.

Selective Textures

From custom-molded silicone-rubber keypads (which offer unique tactile feedback and appearance) to different material finishes and ink technologies, we can help you create visual impact and differentiation via distinctive textures, designs, and colors.


Membrane Switches

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