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At JN White™, our knack is taking a challenge and figuring out the smartest, most effective way of solving it – then delivering those products precisely as promised.

Our Products

Membrane Switches

We can integrate rubber keypads, metal sub-panels and housings for the most challenging panel assembly applications.

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Graphic Overlays

For medical, electronic, military/DoD, and industrial customers, we design every overlay with one critical element in mind: that it will solve their challenge.

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Custom Labels

We deliver using sophisticated printing processes, high-quality materials, and adhesives that ensure brand-matching color intensity and product durability.

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Custom Decals

Our 3M and Flexcon decals look great—and they’ll stay that way for the life of your product or promotion.

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Gaskets & Lenses

Our state-of-the-art cutting process features an optical registration system that enables precision print-to-cut registration.

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Whether you need a simple off-the-shelf LED lighting solution or a sophisticated custom color combination, let JN White™ make it happen.

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