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      The Art & Science of Electronic Shielding

      nbittner , November 27, 2017 Read More
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      A Quick Guide to UDI Labeling for Medical Devices

      nbittner , November 14, 2017

      By Ken Boss Starting in 2013, the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA), the European Commission (CE), and other regulating bodies established new labeling requirements for medical devices. These are the Unique Device Identification, or UDI, requirements. The goals are to increase patient safety, increase supply chain efficiencies, and improve the traceability of medication and […]

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      Signs You Might Need Copper Flex Circuitry

      nbittner , November 7, 2017

      By Ken Boss Flexible circuits are an essential tool in the design of compact electronics, like consumer appliances or medical device products. In our business, they are typically employed on ribbon cables that link membrane switches (and other control interfaces) to underlying circuit boards and functional electronics. Usability and convenience are top priorities in these […]

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