Complex User Interfaces

JN White® can manage the entire cycle of your complex user interface, from parts sourcing, to design, to prototyping, and to final shipment and inventory management. By using JN White® as a single source, you can reduce the cost and lead time of the full project.

Complex user interfaces are more than a simple membrane switch or graphic overlay – they are a full solution, combining multiple products and services into a single, final, product.

We consider an interface to be complex if it requires one or more of the following characteristics:

Each additional feature of the switch adds a new level of complexity to the final product.

We offer all of these services separately, but when bundled together, they create an end-to-end, complete solution for our clients, all managed by a single vendor.

How the Process Works


Let’s start from scratch and get the job done right. JN White® combines fresh thinking, a quality-focused process, 3D modeling, and a refreshing ability to translate your needs into actionable designs.

We can create the artwork proof from as little as a hand sketch. Don’t have a parts drawing? We can reverse-engineer a part by using it as a reference. Need packaging, too? We’ll design and manufacture the proper packaging for your product so that it arrives intact and undamaged. We’re no longer just a “build from blueprint” manufacturer, we’re a collaborative partner who is eager to create a solution.

With team expertise that includes electrical, mechanical and mechatronic engineering, as well as many years of specific manufacturing experience, we know how to help our customers bring their products to market.


Our 4-step rapid prototyping process can save you time and money. More importantly, it’s a proven approach designed to get your product to market faster. That’s because our prototypes are not facsimiles made of sub-standard materials; they’re fully functional parts and components, built with the robustness of a true production product and ready for rigorous application testing.

We specialize in the rapid prototyping of membrane switches, graphic overlays, and labels. Check with us to see what we can do for your design in our current schedule, but in a week or less, we can deliver as many labels or overlays that can be laid out on two 12×18 sheets of material. Both labels and overlays can be handled on very reasonable, single-lot charges.


Often the most complex custom interface products also require custom assembly. We use state-of-the-art techniques to assemble custom projects that incorporate our products and services in the final package—without defects, always with the highest quality imaginable. We can also print and include brochures, as well as any branding and labeling that’s required for shipping.


Before any product leaves our warehouse, it is tested for 100% functionality with testing equipment that is annually calibrated. Hipot (high-potential) testing is conducted throughout production to ensure switches are robust.

If needed, we can also test to ASTM (American Standards Test Methods).

Manage Inventory

At its core, our vendor managed inventory (VMI) program allows us to support our customer’s demands for reduced inventory, increased inventory turns and JIT (just in time) inventory management. These are key elements of lean manufacturing principles, wherein manufacturers try to push the burden of inventory as far upstream as possible. By tightening the entire supply chain, we work together to bring new efficiencies to the process.

Our digital capabilities help us eliminate complicated and costly set-up efforts. Our inventory management system gives us complete visibility and control over our entire live inventory. And our velocity scheduling approach helps drive all of our manufacturing activities to be more efficient than ever. It’s part of what makes JN White® different. We think differently, and our innovative solutions help us shrink lead times, reduce liabilities, and free up capacity.


Because we manage the entire process, we can also manage the shipment of your final product to your customers. You can expect shorter lead times and prompt, on-time delivery.

Why JN White®

For our customers, it all boils down to this: superior outcomes and an effortless experience from project start to product finish.

We’re experts in our field, and we’re not afraid to say so. We have amped up our printing and custom component capabilities, invested in the latest and greatest technology, and upped the ante for industry precision.

Because of our dedication to bringing our customers an unparalleled standard of quality and finish, we hire and retain the best engineers and personnel in the field, combining decades of experience into one company that has extensive experience solving challenges with complex user interfaces.

Considering a new vendor? Working with JN White® is frustration-free. Led by our New Business Development team, you’ll have a direct contact from concept to finished product. We’d love to have you on board.

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"We always deal with Steve Matacz. He is the best at making sure all details are perfect. Timely communication with any questions we have."

Paul A., Recreational

"Customer response time is one of the best; always prompt and helpful. On-time performance the last 12 months is 100%."

RoseMarie C., Utilities

"Customer service, quality and lead time are great! No complaints."

Sara H., Medical Devices

We had been getting labels from a small, local supplier. Then we had a UL audit and the Inspector found that the labels should have been manufactured per UL approved constructions. She asked me what other label manufacturers use and I said, 'JN White®,' to which she immediately said, 'use them!' She didn't have to look them up or anything.

Brian B., Manufacturing

JN White® does an excellent job in regards to the quality of their product! They are a good, responsive company that takes care of its customers and, if there does happen to be an issue, is quick to rectify the problem and make it right.

Steve L., Fitness Equipment

The JN White® team handling our account makes my day much easier. Communication is clear and timely on everything from quotes to pull-ins. Rarely does any item coming from JN White® end up being an issue. I am very satisfied with the level of attention and effort that they put in on a daily basis.

Ian M., Communications

Doug and Jaime suggested an alternative  to the present (3rd party) water jet cutting of our product. JN White's® plotter cutting resulted in a superior finish and reduced cost with the entire production process being done at one supplier. Great work!

Roger W., Home Products

Every aspect, from concept to quote, to proof and the final product, is handled very quickly and the end product is always excellent.

Connor B., Homegoods

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