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Custom Labels

Labeling is more than quick-printing a sheet of stickers. Your label communicates your brand, conveys a level of quality, helps you meet government regulations, and generates instant sales appeal, all at a glance. That’s a tall order. We deliver using sophisticated printing processes, high-quality materials, and adhesives that ensure brand-matching color intensity and product durability. As a certified 3M™ Converter, JN White™ has extensive knowledge of industry substrates, overlaminates, and adhesives that can be combined to withstand the toughest environments. Enhancements like doming and custom laminations help your label stand out even more—we do that, too.

Most importantly, we deliver with an unmatched level of experience. When you work with JN White™, you can rely on our expertise to help you determine just the right combination of design, materials, and processes to match up with your specific needs. The result will be a label that works hard for your product, your brand, and your business.

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Labels We Create

Medical Device Labels

These labels must hold up, and so we use superior substrates and processes to make sure they do just that. We’re a leading ISO 9001:2015 certified label and component manufacturer, so you can rest assured our products are worthy of yours. We also have extensive knowledge and experience producing FDA-compliant Unique Device Identification (UDI) labels. With in-house barcode grading technology, we can optimize the label design, test out the labels, and provide reports so our customers don’t have to. Lastly, we have exceptional Pantone color expertise or the ability to match a device housing. If you are just starting out in the world of UDI labeling, we can help you learn more about the codes, the regulations, and the requirements. And if you are already working in this space, we can step right in and help streamline the process for you.

Safety Labels

Safety labels are necessary, effective, and can be found practically everywhere. We can help you stand out with our unlimited selection of colors. We can even give your label a domed effect for added attention. However, a safety label doesn’t do a lot of good if it doesn’t stay in place, and there is no single adhesive choice that will work the best for all applications. We have the expertise and the resources on hand to help our customers identify the properties of almost any substrate, and then select the appropriate adhesive to deliver optimal results, regardless of surface energy, texture, curvature, or finish. We also have a great deal of experience with the UL 969 Labels and Markings standard, with multiple approved construction in place to ensure our labels match up with the UL-recognized marking component system that meets your needs.

Promotion, Decoration & Dome Labels

JN White™ uses screen and digital printing – along with in-house color- and ink-matching capabilities – to produce durable labels that are manufactured to meet your exact specifications. With sub-surface printing or durable overlamination, your labels will be protected from the elements. Of course, in the world of prime labels, there are also visual demands that need to be addressed in addition to these more practical concerns. The right label can really help enhance the image and perceived quality of the underlying product. We work closely with our customers and their engineers to define just the look they want. This leads to specific choices for material selection, colors, graphics, finishes, and/or printed effects, all of which help to define the final label we develop.

Variable Data/Barcode Labels

We are experts in the Variable Data Printing (VDP) of serialized numbers, barcodes and/or personalized printing. With our barcode reading and testing technology, we can assure functionality so you don’t have to. This comes very much into play with regulated medical devices, which require variable data to mark products with individualized serial numbers. This drives critical production choices, as well as up-front data requirements. We also work with customers to leverage variable data to improve marketing effectiveness. VDP can be used to easily and inexpensively create “personalized” visual impact, competitive differentiation, as well as more product variety.


Custom Labels

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