The right backlighting solution can help create an exceptional experience for end users, especially implemented in tandem with the right membrane switch assembly. That’s why so many manufacturers turn to JN White® to help them make the most of the available technologies based on their specific objectives. We’re backlighting experts, from simple LED lighting solutions to sophisticated, custom color combinations.

On a daily basis, we work with custom color LEDs, fiber-optic panels, diffusion materials, and opacity solutions including black gasketing materials to provide precise control of lighting panels. Our engineers can help you select the backlighting system that is ideal for your product, delivering assemblies that help drive a great brand impressions and meet critical design goals.

Not Just One Backlighting Solution

Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs)

LEDs provide a huge range of options for design engineers – traditional, side firing, ENVIS night vision, and multi-color (bi-color and tri-color). They are reliable, affordable, and compact, so they are also very common. The challenge is to use them to their best advantage. We can help you manage the bright (Hot) spots that can arise from these single point sources by introducing diffusing layers and customized graphics and materials into the assembly.

Fiber Optics

Our engineers are well versed in both traditional and woven flat panel applications. These fiber optic technologies allow our customers to illuminate key areas of a panel or switch with fewer LED’s, resulting in reduced power consumption. Depending on the application, we can help design solutions that strike the balance between precision lighting, compact, low profile assemblies, and cost-effective components.

Light Guide Films

Light Guide Films, or Light Guide Layer (LGL) technologies, can serve as an economical alternative to woven flat panel fiber optics. Using LGL, we imprint light-diffusing plastic materials in a manner that manages and directs light to specific areas and in precise ways. It can be a very affordable approach, especially when you work with a supplier experienced with these technologies. It also provides a great deal of control and flexibility for design engineers looking to optimize the user experience.

Custom Silicone Membrane Layers

Also referred to as light piping, this approach can be a smart solution for delivering light to a membrane switch or other user interface assembly. Custom silicone membrane layers are highly efficient, and offer a range of options for managing and directing backlighting. We offer a wide variety of standard light pipe techniques as well as custom solutions made from select materials that can optimize performance based on your unique application.

Solid State Electroluminescent (EL) Lamps

These are typically assembled with a graphic overlay over an EL panel. The light is smooth and even, the lamps are thin and compact, and there is minimal heat leakage. Their AC/DC power requirements need to be supported, so they aren’t ideal for every application, but our engineers have the experience and know-how necessary to identify when EL is the right solution.

Backlighting Techniques and Common Practices


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