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Graphic Overlays

Graphic overlays are often subject to harsh environments and/or chemicals. They may include embossed buttons, display lenses, integrated shielding and brand elements including color and graphics.

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“Graphic overlays”, “faceplates” and “functional user interface” are common terms used to describe the same product. At JN White™, we consider a “graphic overlay” as the top surface that a user interacts with when commanding a piece of equipment or control. This is literally the most customer-facing touch point for many brands, and therefore requires a high degree of care in its design and manufacture.

Functionally, graphic overlays are often subject to harsh environments and/or chemicals, requiring careful consideration of material and adhesive properties. Visually, they may include embossed buttons, display lenses, integrated shielding, and brand elements including color and graphics. These all contribute to the user experience with the product and the brand.

Graphic Overlay Capabilities

Outstanding Color Control and Exact Graphic

We can match to a color swatch, a Pantone chip, or to your bezel. And we ensure the results with our calibrated light booth and digital densitometers. We also feature the latest digital printing technologies, allowing you to specify most any type of background pattern. If you can think it, we can print it!

Adhesive Solutions

We work with you to specify the proper adhesive for your application, addressing environmental requirements, appearance, and other performance objectives. And we have the skills on staff to handle a wide variety of surfaces – high or low surface energy, textured or smooth, flat or curved, and painted or unfinished.

In-house Embossing

Embossed features can dramatically enhance the look and functionality of a graphic overlay. We have the in-house expertise we need to execute pillow, rim, and dome embossing. Plus, we can emboss logos, multi-level shapes, and other unique dimensional elements.

Selective Texture

By selecting appropriate materials and surface treatments, we help our customers create truly custom user experiences with unique textures and finishes. The right inks can add another whole dimension of design freedom, as does the ability to screen print. A selective texture will enhance both the look and the feel of the product.


Graphic Overlay Sample Packs

Discover the kind of graphic overlays we’ve manufactured for our clients in a multitude of industries.

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Case Study

Household Appliance

We successfully created a new backlit panel, complete with a unique t-shirt shaped, clad fiber panel.