Introducing The JN White® SplatterGuard

I am proud to share that we recently launched a splatter protecting face shield called The JN White® SplatterGuard.

The JN White® SplatterGuard is an all-in-one face shield that can be used as an additional piece of PPE for those individuals wishing to impede droplets of moisture or other materials from reaching any portion of the face not covered by other equipment. The company has added this product in order to assist those facing increased risk from the COVID-19 virus.

We’ve gotten some terrific news coverage around the product. Click here to see a great interview with our President Jason Aymerich. This is an exciting and unprecedented move for our company. When asked why we are moving in this direction, President Jason Aymerich says “JN White® is deploying the great minds of our employees and production resources in new ways to help fight this pandemic.  We are so proud of our team and their ingenuity, and honored to do our part as Americans.”

To learn more about this exciting new product, please visit or call 888-303-1911.



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