Introducing the SnaggleClaw™ and SnaggleClaw™ Mini

I am excited to share that we recently launched two new PPE products – the SnaggleClaw™ and SnaggleClaw™ Mini. Both products are multipurpose, touchless tools that limit exposure to all pathogens, including COVID-19.


The JN White®  SnaggleClaw™ products are to be used in situations where an individual risks exposure to COVID-19 and any other germs. These tools provide a safer alternative to touching in everyday activities, such as operating touchscreens, keypads and door handles. In addition, these tools contain an antimicrobial coating that offers an additional layer of defense against pathogens. Both tools can be customized for a specific company or promotion and offer a slim profile that slides easily into a pocket or purse. The SnaggleClaw™ also features an LED light for low-light environments as well as the ability to work with capacitive touchscreens.


We have recently moved into the production of personal protective equipment (PPE) in response to the coronavirus pandemic. When asked why the firm continues to expand into new PPE products, JN White® President, Jason Aymerich, explains, “JN White® continues to innovate where the market has a need.  Providing solutions in the PPE space furthers the firm’s commitment to helping our country stay strong.”


To learn more about both SnaggleClaw™ products, visit or call 888-303-1911.


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