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JN WhiteTM Named Finalist for GRQC Award

Ken Boss , March 20, 2019 Read More
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The Advantages of 3D Modeling

Ken Boss , July 16, 2018

Modern 3D CAD modeling gives industrial designers and engineers a sophisticated tool that can dramatically improve their product’s cost-efficiency and speed to market. Of course, getting there took a while. As you may be aware, 3D CAD modeling has been widely available since IBM first introduced the PC back in the early 80s, when programs […]

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What’s the Best User Interface for My Medical Device?

Ken Boss , June 26, 2018

The medical device industry is as challenging as they come. First and foremost, the product you are designing needs to perform, often with new technologies engineered to solve new challenges. FDA compliance issue abound, from initial documentation and design drawings to prototype testing and final approval. Every part, every component, needs to be identified and […]

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