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Executive Summary

A design team working on an innovative biofeedback product approached JN White™ for assistance. The team was working with another vendor who was unable to be an effective partner in the development. Although this vendor was occasionally able to produce acceptable product, they did not provide consistency, nor the support required to keep pace with the iterative design process. JN White™ began working with the team and quickly helped to move the engineering membrane switch project into initial concepts.  They continue to support the project with additional design, production and assembly support as the product moves into full-scale launch in the near future.

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Membrane Switch

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Prior to working with JN White™, the team developing the NIGHTWATCH® product were working with an overseas vendor.  The project required many prototypes and modifications to accommodate the various use cases and environmental factors under consideration.  With the prior supplier, the engineering team faced language difficulties, shipping challenges that impacted response time and, at times, poor components. Given the complexities of developing and launching this product, the team at NRGXP began searching for a better partner.


How JN White™ Helped

The team at JN White™ quickly came up to speed on the project and, with the elimination of the language barriers, helped to move the project forward quickly.  The JN White™ Engineering team started with original customer drawing/concept and further developed the concept to incorporate the following requirements:

In addition, the team utilized JN White™’s digital capabilities to produce variable data/sequencing information on each component for tracking.



JN White™ was able to assist the customer in designing and producing a product domestically that met all the specific requirements.  In addition, JN White™ is providing value-added custom assembly support for the charging cables/docs.  The partnership will continue to evolve as the customer moves through a soft launch into a full production launch in the next 12-18 months.


Customer Testimonial

The team at JN White™ is focused on product innovation and development. They consistently focus on meeting specific requirements and finding creative ways to translate our product vision into components that can be produced accurately on a repeatable basis.

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