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Executive Summary

JN White™ had a prior long-standing relationship with an innovative medical device company. The firm reached out to JN White™ as they began the development of a complex customized medical membrane switch with many specific requirements. JN White™ was uniquely able to assist in the development and production of the product to exact specifications due to their strong design and production capabilities.

As the result of the strong partnership with JN White™, the firm is launching the integrated membrane switch with all the needed requirements. The product will also be produced with many versions and at various production quantities to support the end customer needs – helping to insure the success of the overall product launch.

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Membrane Switch

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The firm was looking for help developing a new concept that would incorporate the following: an integrated switch membrane assembly; localized backlighting; enhanced tactile feel; the ability to populate/de-populate feature (s); and the ability to order with many versions (graphics). The project was in new product development focusing on the design portion of the project. The customer needed a partner to work through many logistical challenges.


How JN White™ Helped

JN White™ partnered with the firm during new product development. JN White™ was able to be a strong resource for the project for a number of reasons. First, as a domestic manufacturer, they were able to respond quickly with minimal lead times (even turning overnight if required). The customer’s engineering team could rely on JN White™ to provide excellent design support without any language barriers. Next, JN White™’s printing capabilities enabled two key requirements for the success of the project:  the production of many versions of the product as well as production of large and small scale runs.



As the result of the collaborative effort between the two firms, the company is launching the integrated membrane switch with all the initial product requirements.

The final product has a custom designed molded silicone membrane layer used for light piping and as a force actuator to enhance tactile feedback. In addition, JN White™ will be producing approximately 50 versions of the switch.

The production volumes of the versions vary from a small quantity, like 5, to large-scale production. Because JN White™ was able to deliver the ability to customize and produce at varying quantities, the customer will be able to supply the exact version for every target market and produce only the amount needed.

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