Ruggedized Military Electronics Case Study

A long-term DoD subcontractor approached us for design support on a military membrane switch when their internal design department did not have sufficient resources. The project involved designing and developing a membrane switch for use in a ruggedized military laptop. The design team at JN White® rose to the challenge and assisted in designing a keypad that met all the specific military requirements of the project.


The customer needed support designing a durable membrane switch for a laptop used in extreme conditions. The switch needed to be temperature resistant, vibration-proof and sealed against dust and moisture.

How JN White® Helped

We designed and developed an extremely durable membrane switch that met all of the customer’s requirements. The switch included etched copperflex technology for a tail that can bend and crease. Additionally, the switch included 7 embedded LED’s, as well as highly specific components, such as metal domes and force actuators, for enhanced tactile feedback. Finally, the switch also included a 3M VHB gasket that is fully submersible (tested at 4 feet) and tailored to fit the specified sealing requirements.


As the result of the collaborative effort between the two firms, the customer was able to produce an integrated membrane switch that met the many stringent product and military requirements.

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