Customized Tricolor LEDs Case Study

JN White® was contacted by a Department of Defense (DoD) Tier 2 Supplier when they needed assistance designing and engineering a DoD membrane switch with custom tricolor LEDs that would drive an 8” x 12” touchscreen. JN White® expertly produced a custom membrane switch with three custom LED colors, which is now utilized by the military.


The customer needed tricolor LEDs, in color combinations that are not available in market as a single component. The customer’s “pin out” request posed another challenge in that a single membrane switch was not useable. Multiple tails were needed to ensure that they corresponded to the placement of the connectors on the PCB of the end device.

How JN White® Helped

In order to master the design of the membrane switch, JN White® utilized 3D modeling to present each design phase. This type of modeling provided life-like accounts of the membrane switch. To fulfill the customer’s unique color request, JN White® placed two LEDs on an upper circuit and a third LED on the lower circuit. Since the correct tail placement was imperative in order for the circuitry to work properly, JN White® considered the number of required tails and tail placement thoroughly while constructing the overall design. After expertly creating a design that encapsulated both of the company’s requests, JN White® added diffusing film to avoid LED hot spots. This extra step ensured that color would not show through in undesired areas.


In order to produce the perfect product for the customer, JN White® developed custom tooling specifically for this particular membrane switch. In addition to producing an expertly crafted membrane switch, JN White® exceeded the company’s timeline expectations.

Through utilization of JN White®’s design and production expertise, as well as close cooperation between the two companies, the customer received a custom membrane switch tailored to their exact specifications.

Its carefully crafted design and skillful production enables the membrane switch to be used in the military.

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