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Executive Summary

A global manufacturer of electric motors and electronic instruments partnered with JN White™ to help design and produce a new industrial electronics membrane switch. The company requested a switch that could control the functions of a unit that protects the main breakers between substations for power companies. JN White™ was able to produce a high-quality switch for the company, due to their proven experience and production expertise in area of membrane switches.

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Membrane Switch

For Electronic Substation



The company’s membrane switch units are located in substations with challenging environments. Prior to pairing with JN White™, the company’s switch operators were unable to easily feel that a switch was activated, because they were often wearing gloves. Therefore, the company was in need of a switch with distinct tactile feedback that can withstand dust, dirt and temperature changes. To aid in preventing EMI/ESD penetrating through the display, the company needed protective coating over the display window. Additionally, they needed the membrane switch to be tested so that they could be certain its LEDs were 100% functional.


How JN White™ Helped

JN White™’s in-house membrane switch and design teams successfully produced a tactile feedback feature for the switch to ensure that the end user can now feel that the switch is activated.  To tackle the problem of combatting EMI/ESD, JN White™ reviewed the static sensory rating of LEDs from multiple providers and selected the best option. By taking the time to do this review, JN White™ was able to confidently provide the company with a product perfectly designed to their exact specifications. Additionally, JN White™ designed the artwork on the buttons to include a fine gradient, ensuring that the membrane switch created was both functional and aesthetically appealing.



In order to fix all of the company’s past challenges with the switch and prepare them for success in the future, JN White™ meticulously created and produced a membrane switch fit to the company’s exact specifications. JN White™ screen-printed the overlay on clear polyester with a 55% anti-glare hard coat.

All artwork, including the gradients for the buttons, was printed subsurface for protection, and then a texture was printed on the top surface for overall durability.

This step ensured both the practicality and attractiveness of the switch. Due to the high sensitivity of electromagnetism, JN White™ chose to review the static sensitivity rating of LEDs from multiple providers. JN White™ also used conductive ITO (Indium Tin Oxide) coated polyester film in the display area.

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