Custom Graphic Overlay Solutions

JN White®️ works with OEMs and engineers to develop Graphic Overlays for the most demanding environments, including medical, electronic, military/DoD, and industrial markets.

Our Graphic Overlay Solutions include:

  • Color Control and Exact Graphic Matching
  • Adhesive Solutions
  • In-house Embossing
  • Selective Texture
  • Membrane Switch Assembly and Testing
  • Vendor-managed Inventory Services
  • Rapid Prototyping Services

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Graphic Overlays Control Center

Graphic Overlay Capabilities

Outstanding Color Control and Exact Graphic

We can match to a color swatch, a Pantone chip, or to your bezel or housing, and we ensure the results with our calibrated light booth and digital densitometers. We also feature the latest digital printing technologies, allowing you to specify virtually [most] any type of background pattern or look that you are trying to achieve. If you can think it, we can print it!


Some graphic overlays will require a rugged material that can withstand scratches, chemical abrasion, or extreme temperatures or conditions. Because we print underneath this surface, all the graphics are perfectly protected by the overlay (called subsurface printing). We can even select materials with innate UV protectants to help preserve a “like new” appearance in these outdoor environments.

Adhesive Solutions

We work with you to specify the proper adhesive for your application, addressing environmental requirements, appearance, and other performance objectives. And we have the knowledge and skills on staff to solve complex challenges across many variables.

In-house Embossing

Embossed features can dramatically enhance the look and functionality of a graphic overlay. We have the in-house expertise needed to execute pillow, rim, and dome embossing. Plus, we can emboss logos, multi-level shapes, and other unique dimensional elements.

Selective Texture

By selecting appropriate materials and surface treatments, we help our customers create truly custom user experiences with unique textures and finishes. The right inks can add another whole dimension of design freedom, as does the ability to screen print. A selective texture will enhance both the look and the feel of the product.

Graphic Overlay Materials

Graphic overlays can be made using a variety of materials depending on the environment the final product will operate in. Withstanding harsh conditions, enhancing usability, and building your brand are all considerations you should keep in mind during the selection process.

Marine Audio Sound System: Solved

See how we created a graphic overlay for a unique product

JL Audio, a global electronics manufacturer, approached JN White® for assistance with an electronic graphic overlay solution. The customer needed a thermoformed part that would fit the customer’s housing and stay properly bonded. JN White® was able to develop a dome-shaped graphic overlay that successfully met all requirements. In addition, the custom adhesive solution proposed by JN White® successfully holds the overlay in place. The component is in use today on one of the customer’s premier marine audio systems.

Request a Sample Pack of Graphic Overlays

We know that you might want to feel and interact with our work before committing to a project with us, which is why we’ve put together a variety of samples to send to you, free of charge.

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