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Executive Summary

A leading consumer appliance firm was experiencing problems with inverting and shifting metal domes on one of its key membrane switch products and JN White™ was able to provide a solution to correct the problem. As a result of that successful project, the customer eagerly paired up with JN White™ when they experienced their next challenge: the need for a household appliance graphic overlay with backlit LEDs for one of the company’s top-of-the-line products.

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Backlit Graphic Overlay

For Household Appliance



The company needed a new backlit panel – one that had more lit areas (such as text and numbers), consistent lighting, exact registration, and was void of any ghost-like shadows or hotspots. The success of the new product introduction required a panel with the ideal lighting. The customer had opacity concerns as well, prompting the company to reach out to JN White™ for assistance in redesigning the user interface panel.


How JN White™ Helped

To ensure that the panel was developed with the best possible layout, JN White™ enlisted a trusted fiber optic vendor to work with the customer and JN White™ throughout the process. After finding the ideal light layer, JN White™ went into the prototyping phase to look at ink opacity to aid in blocking light in unnecessary areas. Adding this step was essential in thoroughly analyzing each aspect of lighting, in order to produce the exact results the customer requested.



Through close collaboration with both the customer and the fiber optic vendor, JN White™ successfully created a new backlit panel, complete with a unique t-shirt shaped, clad fiber panel.

The part is lit with side firing LEDs and the clad fiber evenly distributes light across the product’s housing. JN White™ solved the concern of opacity by sourcing the most opaque inks and layering them. This assured the manufacturer that their product has the optimal opacity.

JN White™ continues to produce graphic overlays for this product and works closely on new design opportunities for a variety of other products. The partnership has produced top-of-the-line, functional products for a company that remains a leader in their industry.

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