Medical Device Addressable LEDs

A global medical device company needed a better lighting solution for a key product. The objective was to have the ability to completely customize the lighting around 2 critical ports on the device depending on the functionality required for a specific application. Specifically, the lighting needed to be adjustable to any color and be static or “racetrack”. In addition, the solution needed to be engineered so that it could be mechanically compressed between a metal panel and the glass front of the unit. Ultimately, the team at JN White delivered a lighting solution that met all the design criteria. The new lighting solution provides an enhanced user interface on any version of the medical device.

How JN White® Helped

The JN White team tapped into its extensive lighting and mechatronic expertise to develop a solution that could meet all needed requirements.

  • Addressable LED’s – In order to meet the color and racetrack needs, the team utilized addressable LED’s. These LED’s allow the customer to program any color or sequence by utilizing RBG. This solution provides unlimited flexibility in terms of colors and allows the customer to program the lighting specific to each product.
  • Mechanical Solution – Our exceptional mechanical engineers selected an elastomer on PCBa solution that would provide the minor “compression” required in the part so that it could adjust to any gaps between the metal frame and glass front.

The Result

JN White delivered a fully customizable lighting solution with addressable LEDs. This solution allowed the customer to:

  • Choose any color to light around the port (and vary it by product without needing to change the construction)
  • Change the lighting to be static or racetrack (“motion”) depending on the application

Ultimately, the engineering and manufacturing team at JN White delivered a lighting solution that met all design goals. The new lighting solution provides an enhanced user interface on any version of the medical device.

"Very pleased with your team's response to our need during the COVID-19 crisis."
Lisa L., Medical Device
"JN White has been exceptional in working with our company in order to develop the look and feel of our new MRI patient worn transmitter. We had originally worked with a prior manufacturer for an earlier version of this product with much less desirable results. JN White delivered a clean professional product at a very reasonable price on time!"
Gary P., Medical
"We had very little information to work with and Jessica James made it nearly effortless on our end to get us exactly what we needed in a timely manner."
Lexi W., Industrial Equipment
"Getting any after-market graphic overlays done always has a certain risk factor in getting it all right. You guys were helpful, patient, & knowledgeable to achieve the best end result. Even pointing out some things that might be [an] oversight or [areas for] improvements. The outcome was perfect."
John S., Technology
"The print task was between the USA and Australia and everything went so smooth. I submitted a drawing, got a return email for me to confirm what I wanted. Even though this was over the Christmas period the print was waiting for me when I got back to work after the holidays. Great job and thanks."
Matt C., Military
"All of the folks there at JN White that I have talked to and dealt with have been very nice and professional."
Vern L., Industrial
"Customer service is wonderful. Receive confirmations and responses in a timely manner. Product has great quality."
Sara H., Medical
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Roger W., Education
"I feel confident that JN White will do my order correctly."
Marie P., Government
"I found working with Sara to be a pleasant experience. We were trying to dial in the color to get just the right look on the printed substrate...Sara sent us a sample print sheet that had several variations, up and down, from the colors we specified, which allowed me to pick exactly the color we wanted. The end result product is perfect!"
Don M., Safety
"Our department has used JN White for a number of years for our inspection labels. They always respond very quickly when we contact them to place an order and communication is great with any questions we have. Highly recommend them."
Jim R., Government
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Richard Z., Military
"I'm very satisfied with your service. Always looking forward to bring the best!"
Ramses Z., Medical Devices
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Bob M., Point of Sale
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Paul A., Recreational
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RoseMarie C., Utilities
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Sara H., Medical Devices