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Executive Summary

JL Audio, a global electronics manufacturer, approached JN WhiteTM for assistance with an electronic graphic overlay solution. The customer needed a thermoformed part that would fit the customer’s housing and stay properly bonded. JN WhiteTM was able to develop a dome-shaped graphic overlay that successfully met all requirements. In addition, the custom adhesive solution proposed by JN WhiteTM successfully holds the overlay in place. The component is in use today on one of the customer’s premier marine audio systems.

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The customer approached JN WhiteTM for a graphic overlay solution to be used on a premium marine audio sound system. They had been using a non-domestic supplier whose parts would not bond properly to the customer’s housing. In addition, the project was even more complex given the fact that the graphic overlay required a uniquely formed convex 3D shape.


How JN White™ Helped

JN WhiteTM was a strong resource for the project in a number of ways. First, as a domestic manufacturer, JN WhiteTM was able to respond much quicker than the prior supplier with minimal lead times. In addition, JN White utilized a number of advanced processes and components including a custom 3M liner, 3D thermoform technology and precise laser cutting. The laser cutting process held the audio component’s custom features throughout, ensuring the precision required to fit perfectly on the audio component enclosure. JN White’s screen-printing capabilities enabled the production of a part that is able to withstand the environmental requirements, as well as the development of an adhesive solution that keeps the liner from failing and prematurely curing it.



As the result of the collaborative effort between the two firms, the JL Audio now has a graphic overlay that fits the plastic enclosure to near perfection. In addition, the new component bonds properly to the customer’s enclosure. The final product is an extremely durable graphic overlay that enhances the look and feel of this premium marine audio system.


Customer Testimonial

We came to JN White for help on a project when our current supplier was unable to get it right.  JN White developed a custom graphic overlay and adhesive solution that worked in a fraction of the development time.  Compared to our prior experience, working with JN White was a breeze!

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